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EPMA Database - Database of 681, 554, 826 and 40 published entries for performance testing of EPMA programs. Database 40.DAT present collection of published data from different manufactures of EDS and WDS hardware and software and is suitable for testing standardless (no-standard) analysis programs. Free database.

Microanalysis Programs for the PC - Programs in ZIP file: Semi-quantitative analysis, no-standards or standardless analysis I, no-standards analysis II, program Frame, program FramePlus, thin film analysis I, thin film analysis II, Bence-Albee program for 15 kV and 38.5 degrees, Bence-Albee program for 15 kV and 52.5 degrees, Bence-Albee program for 20 kV and 38.5 degrees, Bence-Albee program for 20 kV and 52.5 degrees, conversion weight % - atomic % and vice versa, conversion weight % - stehiometric weight % oxides, tilt angle, take-off angle, tilt angle-take-off angle, Si(Li) efficiency PHI-RO-Z curves, emission lines and absorption edges, periodic table, P-factors, escape peaks, Monte Carlo simulation-bulk samples, Monte Carlo simulation-thin films, spectrometer constants, spectrometer constants (ASCII file) and cursor emulation with mouse. Free progams.

Program Connection Edax 9100-PC - The Edax program currently comprises one flopy disk. This disk contains the BASIC source codes of the various programs, ASCII data files, executable files and tests files for microanalysis programs. Free program.

XEDS Spectrum Plotting and Printing - Spectrum printing programs is collection programs for printing EDS spectrum on screen, dot-matrix printers and HP plotters. Free program.

Microanalysis Subprograms - 322 of microanalysis subroutines written in the Power Basic. Free subroutines.

Monte Carlo Program, Basic, Source Code - Free source code.

Microscopy Vendors - Free microscopy vendors database is one of the largest microscopy vendors database in the world.

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