Image Analysis and Processing
4pi Analysis, Inc.
Accurel Systems and Accurel-MAG
Alicona Imaging GmbH
Amerinex Applied Imaging
AutoQuant Imaging, Inc.
Axon Instruments, Inc.
Bi Optics Bitplane AG
Buehler, Inc.
Carl Zeiss
Center for Image Processing and Education (CIPE)
Clemex Technologies, Inc.
The Cooke Corporation
Data Cell Ltd.
Data Translation, Inc.
Definitive Imaging, Ltd.
Dentech Inc.
The Dindima Group Pty. Ltd.
ElectroImage, Inc.
Empix Imaging Inc.
Evex Analytical
Fairfield Imaging Ltd.
Graphic Detail, Inc.
Image Metrology Aps
Imaging Research, Inc.
Intelligent Imaging Innovations, Inc.
JENOPTIK Laser, Optik, Systeme GmbH
Hi-Scope Systems Company
Hi-Tech Metrology Products
Hitachi Scientific Instruments
Kinetic Imaging Ltd.
Kevex/ Fisons Instruments
LECO Corporation
Leica Microsystems
Linear Systems
Logical Vision, Ltd.
Media Cybernetics
Noran Instruments
Olympus, Inc.
Optiscan Pty. Ltd.
Oxford Instruments
Photonic Science Ltd
Princeton Instruments
Quantitative Imaging Corporation
Soft Imaging System (SIS)
Micro Frontier
Meyer Instruments, Inc.
Nikon, Inc.
NorPix, Inc.
Oxford Instruments
Parameter AB
Precision Digital Images Corporation
Princeton Gamma Tech (PGT)
Rontec GmbH.
Scion Corporation
Scientific Volume Imaging BV
Scanalytics, Inc.
Spectra Services, Inc.
Synoptics Ltd.
Visualization Laboratory
Western Vision Software
Xillix Technologies Corporation

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