Sub Micron Analysis - Raman/AFM Hybrid Raman Technology

Horiba Jobin Yvon the world leaders in Raman spectroscopy has announced the launch of its new series of LabRAM Raman microscopes compatible with AFM coupling and integration.

The use of Raman microscopy has become an important tool for the analysis of materials on the micron scale. The unique confocal and spatial resolution of the LabRAM series has enabled optical far field resolution to be pushed to its limits with sub-micron resolution achievable.

The next step to increasingly smaller material analysis on the 200-400nm range has been the combination of Raman spectroscopic analysis with near field optics and an Atomic Force Microscope (AFM).

The first system in the series the, LabRAM-HR NANO high performance confocal Raman microscope now has a unique AFM coupling system available which enables the effective coupling of an AFM head to the main Raman system. The hybrid Raman/AFM combination then enables nanometer topographical information to be coupled to chemical (spectroscopic) information as never before. The design enables in-situ Raman measurements to be made upon various different AFM units, and for the exploration of new and evolving techniques such as TERS (tip enhanced Raman spectroscopy). University Researchers working with Horiba Jobin Yvon have recently announced results with a spatial resolution in the order of 100nm. The often large sample handling capabilities and sampling methodology matches well to the analysis of semiconductor materials, wafers and opaque sample media. This system shown below also includes a standard LabRAM microscope for classical Raman microscopy.

For biological and life science applications the second system in the series is the LabRAM-INV NANO, with inverted Raman microscope. This enables small AFM/SNOM microscope units to be coupled with Raman microscopy. This system with its inverted sampling geometry is ideally suited to the study of transparent biological samples such as single cells, tissue samples and bio-polymers. AFM and SNOM fluorescence measurements can be combined with Raman analysis to provide a more complete characterisation of sample morphology and chemistry on the nanometer scale.

For more information, please contact Andrew Whitley, Director, Raman Division, HORIBA Jobin Yvon, Inc., 3880 Park Ave, Edison, NJ, 08820,(732) 494-8660, E-mail:, Web.

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