New XRF microscope provides ground breaking 10 Ám analysis

Horiba Jobin Yvon is pleased to announce the launch of the new XGT-7000 x-ray fluorescence microscope system, featuring improved sensitivity, motorised XYZ control, vacuum options and a new dedicated acquisition and analysis software package.

Micro-XRF has been widely embraced for elemental analysis in applications as broad as forensic science, pharmaceutics, geology, museums, archaeology, electronics and life sciences. These fields benefit from non-destructive elemental analysis and imaging, with ultra-narrow spot sizes allowing qualitative and quantitative characterisation of particles and features down to 10 Ám in size.

Revised coupling between the x-ray generator and mono-capillary x-ray guide tubes provides up to twice the sensitivity previously possible, enabling concentrations in the order of 50-100 ppm to be routinely detected and quantified. In addition, the new full vacuum chamber option offers the user a further three fold enhancement in sensitivity for the light elements (Na-S).

The new SmartMap software builds on the easy experiment set up of the previous platform, but now allows full hyperspectral imaging to be quickly configured and run. At each and every pixel of the XRF image a full spectrum is acquired and stored, providing instant access to complete elemental information across the sampling region. Elemental images can be generated post-acquisition and adjusted at will, ensuring that the potential of this information rich data cube can be fully harnessed.

This intuitive software leads the user through project set up, experiment configuration, acquisition and data analysis, and modules such as auto peak labelling, spectral searching, FPM and calibrated quantification, phase analysis and report generation are easily accessed.
The XGT-7000 technical performance is unrivalled, and yet is complemented by the most accessible software available.

For more information, please see the company web site.

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