New CCD area image sensors


Hamamatsu Corporation's S9972 and S9973 series are front-illuminated full-frame transfer CCDs that have been specifically designed for low-light-level detection in applications such as spectrometry (fluorescence, ICP, or Raman), semiconductor inspection, and DNA sequencing. The S9972 series are non-cooled CCD sensors, while the S9973 have one-stage thermoelectric cooling. All sensors offer line binning operation, in which charges are integrated along an entire row of pixels to boost dynamic range (typically to 120,000) and increase readout speed. The new CCD sensors also provide multi-phase-pinned (MPP) operation, which significantly lowers dark current.

The S9972 and S9973 series share several characteristics, including low readout noise, 24 ?m x 24 ?m pixels with 100% fill factor, and a spectral response range of 400 nm to 1100 nm. From approximately 700 nm to 1100 nm, the new CCD sensors have the advantage of higher quantum efficiency than conventional CCDs. The S9972 and S9973 are available in two different active area sizes, either 24.6 mm x 3.0 mm (1,024 x 124 active pixels) or 24.6 mm x 6.0 mm (1,024 x 252 active pixels). The S9972 series uses a quartz glass window, and the S9973 series uses a sapphire glass window. Temporary windows and UV-coated windows are also available upon request.
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