NANOSENSORST introduces Q30K-Plus Silicon AFM probes for UHV applications

Neuchâtel, January 27, 2006. The new NANOSENSORS™ Q30K-Plus AFM tip with a very high Q-factor and an enhanced signal to noise ratio for UHV applications was introduced today.

Based on the well-known PointProbe® Plus AFM probe NANOSENSORS™ has developed the Q30K-Plus SPM-probe series especially for UHV applications. For high sensitivity and a good signal to noise ratio the new probes are featuring a Q-factor of over 30,000 (up to 50,000) under UHV conditions and a high reflectivity (even at wavelength of over 800nm).

In addition to the enhanced Q-factor and the optimized signal to noise ratio the Q30K-Plus series offers all features of the PointProbe® plus series like a minimized variation in tip shape and a typical tip radius of less than 7nm. The Q30K-Plus™ AFM probe is available in the following types and package sizes: PPP-QNCHR-10 for Non-Contact Mode/Tapping Mode™

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