Bruker AXS Microanalysis Introduces a New Member of the QUANTAX EDS Family - QUANTAX QUAD

Madison, WI - Bruker AXS Microanalysis today announced the launch of QUANTAX QUAD, an innovative new EDS system for all microanalysis applications. The system features the QUAD XFlash® 3001 Detector - the first four-channel 40mm² Silicon Drift Detector for electron microscopy. Powered by ESPRIT EDS Software, QUANTAX QUAD delivers fast and reliable results across a broad range of applications, and is especially suitable for FESEMs, environmental and low vacuum SEMs. Four independent 10mm² Silicon Drift Diodes (SDD) with integrated anodes and FETs form the heart of the QUAD detector. This arrangement provides the high-energy resolution of a conventional 10mm2 Si(Li) detector with up to 20 times the count rate: in excess of 2 million counts per second!

Standard energy resolutions are better than 133 eV, and resolutions of <127 eV are available upon request. Cooled by Peltier technology, the detector requires no liquid nitrogen and is vibration and maintenance-free. The QUAD is ideal for high-resolution real time spectrometry, optimizing count rate at low current conditions and extreme high speed mapping applications, especially large area PTS mapping.

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