Five New Scanning Systems for Biomedical Research

Just one year after the introduction of the new generation of fluorescence microscopes, the Carl Zeiss Microscopy Group is once again launching several new products on the market. On 12 November 2005 at the annual meeting of the Society for Neuroscience in Washington (USA), five new laser scanning systems for biomedical research will be presented to the professional world for the very first time.

The major innovation of the new products is their ability not only to image the objects and processes to be examined with excellent quality, but also to deliberately influence the specimens by means of light. The resultant specimen reaction provides researchers with a deeper insight into the causes of disease. Optical specimen manipulation and advanced microscopic observation with one and the same microscope system are now possible for the very first time using the products now to be introduced. The two extensive market launches performed in the space of a single year impressively underline the innovative strength of the Microscopy Group.

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