Microscopes from Carl Zeiss Once Again Chosen as Best Instruments of the Year in the USA

Rockaway (NY; USA), Jena, Germany. December 2005. Two microscopes from Carl Zeiss are among the winners of prizes awarded every year by the US magazine Scientific Computing and Instrumentation. The LSM 5 LIVE laser scanning microscope has been selected as Product of the Year 2005, while the Axio Imager research microscope received the Readers Choice Award 2005.

The success of LSM 5 LIVE and Axio Imager, which belong to the new generation of fluorescence systems launched by Carl Zeiss in 2004, is mainly due to the combination of new optics and detector technologies with the latest digital technology for control and image recording, as well as the excellent mechanical stability and operating convenience. This combination enables more reliable identification as well as faster and more gentle imaging of biological specimens. The optical design of the LSM 5 LIVE has been particularly tailored to real-time examinations of fast processes in living specimens.

The award winners were listed in the December issue of the scientific magazine. Since 2002, Carl Zeiss Microscopy has received 6 prizes in a row from Scientific Computing and Instrumentation. In 2005, the LSM 5 LIVE laser scanning microscope also received the renowned R&D 100 Award. With a monthly circulation of 90,000, the US R&D Magazine presents the award to the 100 most important technological products launched worldwide every year.

These repeated awards show that scientists in the field of biomedical research highly value innovations from Carl Zeiss.

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