Lumenera Corporation releases new 6.6 Megapixel infinity digital camera

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada - July 1, 2005 - Lumenera Corporation, a leading developer and manufacturer of high performance digital cameras and imaging solutions, today announced the release of a new high speed USB2.0 digital cameras aimed at the scientific market. The INFINITY 1-6 is a multi-megapixel resolution camera based on a high dynamic range (+100dB) CMOS sensor, ideal for documentation and archiving applications.

The INFINITY 1-6 uses a 6.6 megapixel, progressive scan CMOS image sensor with a resolution of 3000x2208 and can deliver 5 frames per second resulting in crisp, exceptional quality images for the most demanding brightfield microscopy applications. Higher frame rates at lower resolution, with full color sub-windowing allows for rapid focus and scanning of samples.

The INFINITY1-6 is offered with both color and monochrome variants and is fully supported by the INFINITY Capture software, an intuitive user interface that includes all of the basic features required to control the camera and capture crisp clear images. INFINITY cameras also include TWAIN drivers which ensure the integration and compatibility with a variety of 3 rd party software applications. The plug-and-play high speed USB 2.0 interface eliminates the need for a framegrabber.

"Customer feedback on the INFINITY1-6 has been very positive," commented Larry Whelan, Director of Business Development, Lumenera Corporation. "We have had tremendous success in a variety of brightfield microscopy applications including clinical pathology and cytology, life science and geology imaging. We are excited to be adding a 6.6 megapixel camera to our INFINITY product line." Lumenera is pleased to announce that the INFINITY1-6 camera will be available for purchase as of July 1, 2005.

For further information about Lumenera, please visit web site.

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