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WANG BioMedical Europe
Bowlespark 30 - 30A
6701 DS Wageningen
Tel: +31 317 416 025
Fax: +31 317 427 278
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500 series very low cost for primary schools and highschools, 1000 series student microscopes for high school level, 2000 series high performance microscopes for university students, physicians and polytechnic schools, 3000 series ergonomic microscopes for university and routine work, 4000 series stereo microscopes from basic sets to more professional stereo zoom microscopes, 6000 series routine and research microscopes, fluorescence sytems with four filter blocks, 7000 series inverted microscopes for tissue culture and aquatic specimen, M000 series metallurgical microscopes, from low budget to inverted stages with infinity optics and DIC, Equipment for maintenance of optical instruments.

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