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Third & Fourth Microscope Service
John Massey IV
1030 Brozio Lane
Decatur, IL 62521-9458
Phone: 217-425-2657
Fax: 217 425-0738
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Microscope repair and sales of new and used microscopes. We offer preventive maintenance on all brands of microscopes. Standard Service:Pre-cleaning evaluation and inspection, Clean optics, filters, and light source window, Clean exterior and remove non-applicable labels, Check and adjust parafocality, Check paracentration, When needed remove old lubricant and relubricate focus, Assembly, stage, etc., Set up proper illumination if microscope is capable (Koehler), Note proper bulb use, Minor repair made at no charge, Major repairs complete only at the direction of the client, Affix date of service label, Post cleaning evaluation and inspection, Any malfunctions of the scope are documented and explained to the client.

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