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Tamar Technology
1270 Calle El Cameron
Thousand Oaks
CA 91360
Phone: 805.480.3358
Fax: 805.480.3358
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Tamar has developed innovative and patented products to aid the system integrator and the quality control engineer. These products are specifically designed to offer original capabilities that cannot be found anywhere else. These unique products include: EtherGlowTM, a patented technique for stereo and compound microscope illumination that is inexpensive and provides confocal illumination; ATMeasureTM, a semi-automatic field of view measurement tool with edge detection at the price of a video caliper; FOInspectTM, a dual optical system combines an interferometer and vision system for 3-D fiber & ferrule mapping with defect detection for the fiber optics manufacturer; and Z - NutTM, a patented PZT based retrofit to any precision leadscrew. The Z-Nut adds nanometer positioning capability to any translation stage without the additional cost or overhead of a PZT stage. In addition to the above products, Tamar Technology's engineering team has extensive experience and expertise in application specific vision metrology and interferometry systems. We can bring to life your custom metrology requirements - single units and increased production volumes.

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