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Sturbridge Metallurgical Services, Inc.
8 Picker Rd
Sturbridge MA 01566
Phone: 508-347-5288
Fax: 508-347-8288 fax
Cell: 631-807-2923
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Sturbridge Metallurgical Services was founded in 1990 in Sturbridge, MA, by President Courtney Grimes. Originally the company was started as a small independent testing lab. Over the years, the company has grown; Sturbridge Metallurgical now benefits from over 8 full time employees. We have out-grown three previous locations before settling into the current location at 8 Picker Road in Sturbridge, MA. The lab offers a complete range of testing and analysis services in addition to selling a full line of laboratory and metallurgical equipment and supplies.
We are ISO 17025 Certified, Nadcapô Accredited, and GE Transportation Approved. We work to the current ASTM and ASM Standards as well as other industry recognized standards such as MIL SPEC and more.
Sturbridge Metallurgical Services is widely recognized as the company to go to for reliable accurate test results with professional services that meet both your deadline and your budget. Our services include Failure Analysis, Microhardness Testing, X-ray Fluorescence (XRF) Analysis, Scanning Electron Microscope Imaging (SEM), Material Certification, Weld Evaluation, Corrosion Testing, Grain Size Analysis, Tensile Testing, Chemical Analysis, Abrasion Testing, Coating Thickness Verification and others.
In addition to our wide range of metallurgical services, we also offer a wide selection of laboratory equipment and supplies that you may need for your own laboratory. SMS, Inc. currently has 6,500 sq. ft. of laboratory testing space and support equipment including full facilities for failure litigation conferences.

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