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Smart Imaging Technologies
1770 Saint James Place, Suite 414
TX 77056
Phone: 713.589.3500
Fax: 713.589.3252
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Automated image analysis software customized for your specific application is now available from Smart Imaging Technologies. The SIMAGISŪ smart spreadsheet provides visualization of the image analysis process, verification of the data and is very user friendly. SIT offers ready-to-run automated solutions for biology, metallurgy, nanotechnology, petrography, material science, and more. Quickly extract data from individual images or get aggregate data from a batch of images that is accurate, reliable, and repeatable. No coding is required to develop automated macros, simply point and click from a complete menu of advanced functions with over 300 algorithms. SIMAGISŪ can be used with images acquired from SEM, TEM, AFM, DICOM, and light microscopes. SIMAGISŪ makes the research process more productive, enables collaborative work and provides a very quick return on investment. Contact Smart Imaging Technologies today to learn more about using smart spreadsheets for image analysis.

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