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Semrock, Inc.
3625 Buffalo Road
NY 14624
Phone: 866-SEMROCK
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Semrock develops and manufactures high-performance biomedical optics, including the BrightLine™ series of fluorescence filters, which significantly improve the performance of instrumentation and microscopes for both OEM and end users. Semrock's innovative catalog offerings further include the ultra-broadband MaxMirror™ laser mirror, with utility in a broad array of industries. Semrock's products are built upon its own advanced optical coating and filter technology. Semrock honed its technology in the telecom industry. Sophisticated high-bandwidth Telecom applications drove the demand for exacting filters that, until only recently, exceeded the ability of conventional coating technology. By now applying these modern advances to the biomedical field Semrock is able to set a new standard of performance. In addition, Semrock offers our biomedical customers the same high levels of internal process control and reliability testing that are standard in the telecom industry.

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