Company Data
Proxitronic GmbH.
Robert-Bosch Str.34
64625 Bensheim
Tel: +49 / 62 51 / 17 03-25
Fax: +49 / 62 51 / 17 03-90
Manufacturer of image intensifiers and intensified CCDs, PROXITRONIC is able to supply a wide range of components: * proximity focused image intensifiers of 1. generation with 25 mm useful diameter, and proximity focused MCP image intensifiers of 2. generation with 25 mm and 40 mm useful diameter; all types available with a broad selection of photocathode/screen combinations * open MCP detectors with useful diameters of 25 mm and 40 mm assembled in vacuum flanges for two-dimensional detection of electrons, ions, x-ray and UV radiation * sedimented phosphor screens on selectable substrates with highest image quality and resolution * fiber optical coupling to almost all types of CCD-sensors * and last, but not least, the complete range of gated and non-gated ICCD cameras for various applications in the whole UV-VIS-NIR spectrum.
Products: ICCD Cameras, Fiber Optical Coupling, Image Intensifiers, MCP-Detectors, Phosphor Screens, Low Light Camera HL5.

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