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Proscan GmbH
Kasper-Kindl-Weg 10
86929 Penzing
Tel: +49 8191 8286
Fax: +49 8191 8539
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Since 1992 Proscan have produced CCD camera systems for the most demanding scientific applications such as microscopy and spectroscopy. Using Peltier cooled CCD sensors and fast digitisation (up to 14-bit/2MHz) the full dynamic range of the sensors is exploited to record images with increased sensitivity and the minimum loss of information. For optical microscopy or spectroscopy systems incorporating image intensifiers offer up to 10exp6 higher sensitivity thus permitting measurements to be made where photon noise is only limitation or with exposure times as low as 5 ns. These systems may be used in tranmission electron microscopy in place of TV or film cameras to give great improvements in image quality and convenience in acquiring and analysing images. A complete detector assembly is available in which light from a scintillator is coupled directly to the sensor resulting in optimal sensitivity and resolution. Control of image acquisition and image analysis is performed on the host PC using CCDView, a convenient, integrated Windows(tm) based software package. Images can either be viewed on-line or stored for later analysis according to a user-defined pipeline of functions, which can include arithmetic and other more complex image processing functions. Also we are working in the field of spectroscopy. There our cameras are used as optical multichannel analysers. In connection with distributing of monochromators and spectrographs we are able to offer complete solutions for different demanding spectroscopic applications. A third field of our activities are special detectors (different spectral regions, particles a.s.on), for instance for x-ray detection with high spatial resolution.

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