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Omega Optical, Inc.
Delta Campus
21 Omega Drive
Brattleboro, VT 05302
Tel: (866) 488-1064, (802) 254-2690
Fax: (802) 254-3937
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Filters: Bandpass Filters, Longpass and Shortpass Barrier Filters, Rejection Band Filters, Dichroic Beamsplitters, Neutral Density Filters, Laser Line Filters, Analytical Filters.
Low-light level imaging techniques demand the ultimage in performance from a filter set. Omega Opitcal's new, improved ALHPA VIVID filter sets are clearly the superior choice for these applications.
Based on a proprietary deposition process, ALPHA VIVID filter sets feature the steepest passband slopes in the industry. This means deeper blocking is achieved between the exciter and emitter, which decreases background noise. Furthermore, the passbands can be placed closer together while maintaining this deeper blocking. As a result, more of the excitation and emission energy of the dyes are transmitted through the excitation and emission filters, which helps to boost overall signal while keeping the noise contribution to a minimum. Also, we have eliminated all autofluorescent absorption glasses typically used in designing filters. The results of these improvements means that these filters offer the brightest images on the market today.

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