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Logical Vision, Ltd.
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WiT(tm) is an object-oriented, CAD-like visual programming system for designing image processing and analysis algorithms. Applications are created by linking iconic blocks together--no traditional text-based programming is required. Each icon is an operation, such as reading an image, performing a convolution, or generating a look-up table. The operator can take any number of inputs to produce outputs which flow along user-specified paths. Flow control operators, such as if-then-else and for-loop, make it easy to solve practical problems.
WiT supports both monochrome and color image formats and over 200 image processing and analysis functions. In addition to over 150 built-in operators, WiT is user-extendible, allowing programmers to add their own C functions, data types, and control hardware on a network. Application areas for WiT include medical, industrial, and scientific research.
WiT supports the DT3155 and DT3152 under Windows(r) 3.1 and Windows NT(tm).
Now Coreco Imaging.

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