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Leveck Lighting Products
PO BOX 24063
Ohio 45424-0063
Phone: 800-824-3615
Fax: 937-667-8634
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Light bulbs for : Microscopes, Analyzers, Spectrophotometers, Sigmoidoscopes, Laryngoscopes,Laboratory, Spectroscopy, Germicidal,Transilluminators, Vaginal Specula, Anoscopes, Fiber Optic Light Sources, Endoscopes, Exam and Operating Rooms, X-Ray Machines and View Boxes, Photo Therapy and Bilirubin, Head Lamps Runway, Taxi, Obstruction, Approach, Beacon, Instrument, Exit, Interior, Navigation, Strobe Retinoscopes, Slit Lamps, Otoscopes, Ophthalmoscopes, Chart Projectors, Field Analyzers, Lensometers, Tonometers, Retinal Cameras, Radiuscopes, Transilluminators Curing Lamps, Exam, Fiberoptic Handpiece Systems, X-Ray View Boxes Printing & Graphic Arts: Printing, Silkscreening, Prepress, Camera Lights, Platemakers, Diazo & Photopolymer Exposure, Scanners, Paper Cutters, Light Boxes Reader & Reader/Printers, Duplicator Flash Equipment, Cameras, Modeling Lamps, Projection Equipment Stage and Studio Projector,Reflectors, Follow-Spots, Fresnels, Disco, Video, Photo Ligh! ts Food Warming Lamps, Ceiling Lights, Decorative, Exit, Spots and Floods, Dining Table Lights, Emergency, Fluorescents Halogen, Fluorescents, High Pressure Sodiums, Display Lighting, Track,Emergency, Parking Lots, Retrofits Stadium Exit, Stadium Parking Lots, Stadium Flood Lights, Stadium Projector Lights Showcases, Jewelry & Clothing Stores Halogen Pars, Fiber Optic Lighting for pools and spas Panel & Indicator Lights: Automotive, Marine, Aviation, Airport, Railroad, Elevators and many more applications.

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