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Kore Technology Ltd.
Cambridgeshire Business Park
Ely, Cambridgeshire
Phone: 44 (0) 1353 653030
Fax: 44 (0) 1353 653031
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At Kore we offer products and services based on our extensive experience in the fields of ultra-high-vacuum design (UHV), surface analysis and time-of- flight mass spectrometry (TOF-MS).
Research TOF-MS Systems: TOF-SIMS, Gas TOFMS, PTR TOFMS, Photolysis TOFMS, R-500 TOF-SIMS, PI TOFMS, Linear TOFMS, Bio TOFMS, UHV lens system, PTR/EI, Quadrupole MS, PTR/APCI TOF-MS.
Components for Custom and DIY Systems: TOF source modules, Matching optics (focussing/deflection), Flight tubes & liners, Reflectrons, Detectors & preamplification, Data acquisition/processing, Database options, Viewing, Optics, Timing modules, Histogramming TDC (2 ns), TDC (0.25 ns), Analogue Power supplies, TOF-MS Voltage Controller, Floating Detector, TOF-MS Logic Controller, TOF-MS High Voltage Supplies.
Mains Distribution: Sample Stages and Sample Handling, Generic Stage, Cold Stage, Rotating Stage, Cryo-sample preparation.
Vacuum analysis/processing: Cryo-preparation system, UHV processing rig , Multi-technique surface analysis, Laser ablation coating, Ion beam polishing system.
Turntable for beam-line surface analysis: 0.1-100 kV wide beam electron source, Components: CCTV sample viewing with zoom, Fast entry lock, Cold fracture stage, Laser focussing (bakeable cassegrain).
Mains distribution & bakeout control: Sample Stages and Sample Handling, Generic Stage, Cold Stage, Rotating Stage for Cameca IMS, Cryo-sample preparation, Standard TOF-MS Systems, Portable TOF Mass Spectrometer, Low Cost Static TOF-SIMS instrument, Mini TOF, Upgrades for SIMS Instruments Kratos VG, Electron Multiplier detectors (Burle), Position sensitive detectors (Quantar), LaB6,CeB6 Cathodes & STM tips (AP-TECH), Mass spectral library (NIST), Analysis Services, On-site VOCs analysis.

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