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Kammrath & Weiss GmbH
Dortmund 44141
Phone: +49 231 727 4488
Fax: +49 231 727 4498
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Keywords: IC-Testing: Pico-Prober Modules, Materials Testing: Tensile-,Compression-, Bending- Modules, Cryo-/Heating Stages, Specimen Stages, Special Projects.
We take pleasure giving you an overview about our special developments for all fields of microscopy: SEM, LM, AFM, ELSAM, etc.
Welcome to the Kammrath & Weiss. Our experience in converting your application requirements into useful products, covers over 30 years. This gave rise to an entire "bouquet" of unusual solutions, for our users worldwide.
Are you looking for the unique solution for your own, individual application? Allright take a moment to scroll through our pages. Many a device and instrument exists already, just waiting to be discovered by you. You did not find an answer to your own special instrument requirements right away? We would be glad to sit down with you as a good supplier of new questions and ideas, to take some time with a good cup of coffee or tea, and come up with the propitious engineering leaving the beaten path. Make yourself at home at Kammrath & Weiss.
Our Products: High precision micro systems, carefully designed in great detail. These are the ingredients that put all our developments to life. Accent on tomorrow's needs, modular design in state-of-the-art technology - these are the leading thoughts that allow our research tools to grow together with your increasing needs. To make it easy for you to navigate through the variety of our products, we grouped them into five categories: IC-Testing, Materials Testing, Cryo / Heating Module Specimen Stages, Special Projects.

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