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Imago Scientific Instruments
6300 Enterprise Lane
Madison, WI 53719
Phone: (608) 274-6880
Fax: (608) 442-0622
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Imago Scientific Instruments offers for sale the LEAPô atom probe microscope, an advanced analytical microscope that goes beyond TEM and SIMS to provide true 3-D imaging and analysis at the atomic scale. The LEAPô microscope analyzes materials literally atom by atom. This controlled removal of atoms combined with TOF mass spectrometry and position-sensitive detection provides users with a 3-D map of the identity and location of individual atoms in specimens. The LEAPô atom probeís unique atomic-scale information brings new insights to previously unanswerable questions in research, product development, and failure analysis in the semiconductor, data storage, and nanomaterials industries. For example, the LEAPô microscope is uniquely suited to analyzing the atomic-scale integrity of buried interfaces and mapping the atomic composition of ultrathin films.

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