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Evex Analytical Instruments
Tel: 908 874 3800
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X-ray Equipment: Analyzers -- Evex X-ray Microanalysis System, Detectors -- Custom Resolutions, and Window Materials, Pulse Processors -- VIDX Universal Pulse Processor, Digital Imaging: VIDX "Interfazer" -- Passive Imaging System for any Instrument, VIDX Scan SEM -- Active Digital Imaging System - Digitize your (SEM), VIDX CCD -- Scientific Grade, High Resolution CCD, Image Pro -- Worlds Greatest Image Processing Software, Lab Networking: TN2Win -- Transfer Spectra & Images from a Tracor to a PC, VIDX Vision -- Lab Networking & Televideo Conferencing Software, Service, Repairs & Upgrades: We Service Analyzers & Detectors -- Evex, Link, Kevex, Noran, PGT, Tracor

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