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Electron Microscopy Sciences
P.O. Box 251 321 Morris Road Fort Washington, Pa 19034
Fax: 215646-8931
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Electron Microscopy Sciences offers a complete line of chemicals, supplies, accessories, and equipment for electron and light microscopy and histology, as well as general laboratory, materials, metallurgical, and biological studies. Included in their line are grids, calibration standards, apertures, filaments, specimen preparation equipment, embedding supplies, immunolabels, dyes, stains, film and darkroom supplies, tweezers, SEM mounts and sample holders, cryo supplies, illuminators, magnifiers, graticules, microwave ovens, oscillating tissue slicers, coaters, etch facilities, glow discharge units, freeze and critical point driers, plasma ashers, turbo evaporators, and much much more.

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