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Duniway Stockroom Corp.
1305 Space Park Way
Mountain View, California 94043
Tel: (800-446-8811
Fax: 415-965-0764
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langes - Nuts & Bolts - Gaskets - Ion Gauge Tubes & Controllers, Thermocouple Gauges & Controllers - Bell Jars - Feedthroughs - Valves, Sorption Pumps - Diffusion Pumps - Ion Pumps - Mechanical Pumps & Oils, Cryo Pumps - Blower Pumps - Turbo Pumps, Leak Detectors - Vacuum Supplies - Other Vacuum Equipment. We supply replacement, rebuilt and used equipment which is compatible with major suppliers, such as Varian, Perkin Elmer, Granville Phillips, Veeco, Welch, CVC, NRC and others. Service for rebuilding sputter ion pumps (p. 25 of their catalog), and state that a properly rebuilt pump should "have the same performance as a new pump". The cost of rebuilding varies from about $400 to about $3000, depending on the size and type of pump.

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