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Digital Instruments
112 Robin Hill Rd.
Santa Barbara, CA 93117
Tel: 805-967-1400
Fax: 805-967-7717
Digital Instruments, the world leader in scanning probe microscopy, manufactures a complete line of NanoScope(r) scanning probe microscopes (SPMs). Included in its NanoScope line is the MultiMode(tm) Atomic Force Microscope (AFM), the world's best selling and highest resolution SPM. In addition, the Dimension(tm) AFM offers the complete range of AFM techniques for small or large samples. It's revolutionary new TrakScan(tm) scanning system makes setup simple and provides superior images for the full range of scanning techniques including Tapping Mode(tm), magnetic force, phase imaging, lateral force, electrochemistry and others. The BioScopeTM AFM is the first probe microscope specifically designed for biotechnology, biology and other life sciences applications. It provides optical viewing and AFM imaging for inspection and measurement of cell structures, viruses, DNA etc. with an effective magnification range of 25 to 10,000,000 in air or in situ in biological fluids.

Southeastern region, Tel: 610 444 7570, Fax: 610 444 7571Email  
Northeastern region, Tel: 410 437 1805, Fax: 410 437 4053
Midwestern region, Tel: 612 975 0542, Fax: 612 975 0543
Western region, Tel: 408 427 0444, Fax: 408 427 1160

Digital Instruments GmbH.
Janderstrasse 9
68199 Mannheim
Tel: +49 621 84210 0
Fax: +49 621 84210 22
Distributor and service of Digital Instruments.

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