Company Data
Brightwell Technologies Inc.
195 Stafford Road West
Ottawa, Ontario
K2H 9C1
North America Toll Free: 866-333-8772
Tel: (613) 829-2772 x104
Fax: (613) 829-4921
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Brightwell Technologies has developed Micro-Flow Imaging™ (MFI™), a particle characterization platform for liquids. MFI gives your lab a flexible and powerful tool for a wide range of tasks including water analysis, industrial fluid analysis, and bioscience projects.

The MFI platform integrates micro-fluidics, optical assemblies, digital image acquisition, and patented image analysis algorithms to rapidly and accurately measure the physical properties of cell or particle populations (size, shape, transparency, count, and concentration). Powerful post-processing and filtering capabilities are available and results are displayed or exported in a variety of convenient formats.

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