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Applied Scientific Instrumentation (ASI), Inc.
3770 W 1st Avenue
Eugene, OR 97402
Tel: (541) 461-8181, (800) 706-2284 US & Canada only
Fax: (541) 461-4018
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ASI offers a number of innovative devices for fluorescent imaging and automated video microscopy. These devices include: microinjector units for injecting fluorescent probes; high speed polychromatic illumination systems for fast (3ms) excitation of probes at a wide range of wavelengths; high speed shuttering systems; detection devices including intensified video cameras and PMTs; motorized microscope stages and other automated micropositioning devices; closed-loop servo drives and controllers for precise microscope focusing; complete imaging and automated screening systems for research and production applications. ASI also offers custom hardware design services to provide complete system solutions for a wide range of technical problems.
Applied Scientific Instrumentation (ASI) manufactures hardware for microscope automation and fluorescence microscopy. ASI's product line includes the Polychrome II monochromator for high speed excitation, closed-loop dc drives for ultra precise z-axis focusing, motorized x,y stages and high speedshuttering devices. In addition to the products that ASI manufactures, ASI also offers a wide array of imaging system components and complete imaging systems.

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