Company Data
Akasel ApS
Svogerslev Hovedgade 48
DK 4000 Roskilde
Tel.: +45 57 84 05 01
Fax.: +45 57 84 06 01
Akasel offers a comprehensive program of consumables for metallographic sample preparation. Many of our products have unique properties not found anywhere else.
Polishing: Agglomerate-free and permanent diamond suspensions like Diamond Suspension and DiaDoublo. State of the art Lubricants and Extender with an astonishing combination of removal rate and finish. Our magnetic adapter Aka-Ronan bring new advantages to magnetic preparation systems.
Grinding: Our diamond grinding discs Aka-Piatto and Aka-Allegran places Akasel ahead of the competition. Both diamond grinding discs grinds with high constant removal, give perfect planeness and have the unique round edge that protects against injuries. Aka-Cool is a water-soluble Coolant Fluid of the newest generation. High performance and no hazard rating, of course environmentally friendly.
Embeding: Aka-Resin Clear epoxy resin: Low viscosity and low surface tension. Ideal for all types of specimens. Aka-Cure, Quick: Cures in 30 min. @80C. Outstanding mechanical and chemical properties, approaching warm embedding. Pre-curing at room temperature without increase in temperature makes it ideal for impregnation and embedding of large specimens. Aka-Cure, Slow: Cures in 8 - 24 hours @20C. Long pot-life and low peak temperature makes it suitable for both impregnation and heat sensitive specimens.

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